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Decorating Your Home With French Country Style

Can you love the curve of a graceful turned leg? |} Is button upholstery that your passion? Is your favorite color "toile"? Just kidding... it is a pattern! You have come to the right place!

French Country isn't merely a decorating design, it is a mindset. On the one hand, it is a specific look, and constantly vintage with a hint of nostalgia. You can mix materials and textures and just have fun with it.
Some hints: Try to stay with soft yellow, baby blues, and creams. Unless you're working with a specific French country theme, such as roosters, sunflowers, or lavender. Use baskets, woven or cable, to receive a rustic texture. Keep organic substances in mind while you're decorating. Natural stone, wool, cotton, wood. It really defines French nation.
Let us start with the most important room, the bedroom. What style bed would you like? It's possible to go out of a pared down wrought iron bed... painted a wonderful cream color. |} Or, take it all the way to an elaborate Sofia mattress with button upholstery. Do you prefer a sleigh bed, or perhaps something with a canopy? Any of these can work, so long as you have an armoire. No adequate French bedroom would be with no armoire. If it has a crackle paint finish, even better. Do your very best to match some toile into your personal oasis.
In the dining area, maintain it welcoming, old Earth, and rustic. Mismatched chairs are okay... simply paint them the same colour. metallic table. |} Maintain the window treatments light, but indulge yourself with a beautiful chandelier. |} You might choose to use shutters for an old world feel.
Will your kitchen have a theme? Roosters and olives are famous for the kitchen. Bring in the jars and baskets to give your kitchen that the nation feel. A kitchen table should be painted timber. Bring the organic components into play.{
Now to the living area.

You have a lot of choices here too. A chaise lounge will do well in the bedroom, but it is right at home in the country living area too. You have a wide variety of chairs that will be suitable for your area, and you're free to mix and match. Take a look at the conventional French accent chair, the French provincial chair, the wingback design, and the medallion armchair, all keeping with the French country style. Or... simply go for an oversized armchair. Here again, if you prefer button upholstery, purchase it. Lots of individuals believe it gives the furniture a stylish, finished look. Can there be room for toile in the living room? Okay, let us proceed.

I like the lavender motif best in the tub, but some people like to incorporate it into the kitchen or bedroom. It is only a matter of preference.
The most important think about picking furniture and decorating with it's to have pleasure. If you feel overwhelmed, get another opinion. There are many furniture companies which specialize in French Country furniture. You should not have trouble locating an interior designer to help you choose some pieces for your country residence.
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